Blanket Mortgage Fire Protection


There is an alternative to lender placed hazard insurance.

The Blanket Mortgage Fire product is an economical alternative to Lender-Placed hazard tracking and insurance. This is comprehensive blanket protection for any segment of the lender’s portfolio. No continuous insurance tracking is required. For many lenders, Blanket Mortgage Fire is a superior risk management tool over lender-placed hazard insurance.

Key Features

  • Lender administrative expense is reduced, freeing resources for more productive purposes.
  • Gaps in coverage due to a failure to report properties as uninsured are eliminated.
  • Coverage is broader than many Lender-Placed hazard policies.
  • Simple to administer and report.
  • Premiums are frequently less than insurance tracking and monitoring expenses.
  • Lender selects which segments to insure on a blanket basis (e.g. First, 2nd, and HELOC).
  • May be placed in conjunction with Real Estate Owned or Lender-Placed hazard tracking and/ or insurance and combined within a single policy.


All Residential or Commercial Firsts, Seconds and/ or Home Equities. New Originations or Assumption of In-Force Mortgages. Real Estate Owned may be included on a scheduled basis.