Automated Automobile Insurance Tracking

SUI’s insurance tracking and management system called InsuraTrack has been specifically designed using SUI’s 30 plus years of experience to provide the sophistication and flexibility to accomplish the lender’s objectives including the accurate and timely updating of your borrower's insurance status, reduction of operating expenses, identification and reduction of uninsured loans, reduced repossession losses, optimizing borrower acceptance and minimization of false placements. Focused through our experienced staff of dedicated employees, the expertise of our technological, operational and service areas will be combined to ensure that your objectives are met. Customizable levels of service are available including insurance tracking only, insurance tracking and borrower notification, or in conjunction with SUI’s Collateral Program insurance tracking and lender placed coverage.

Key Features

  • On-line real time access to all of your borrower's tracking and insurance information via SUI website interface using SSL (secure socket layers).
  • All historical information is maintained and available through the website interface.
  • Web based availability to view scanned images of the actual paper insurance documents received for your borrower.
  • Paperless Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Partnership Interfaces with most major and numerous smaller personal lines underwriters to substantially reduce your mail handling volume.
  • Document Management services and secure on-site document shredding included with the service.
  • SUI controlled individual mail boxes are available to relieve your employees of the burden of opening, reviewing and forwarding insurance documents.
  • Bilingual Customized Insurance Requirement Notifications mailed directly to your borrowers or to you based on your preference.
  • Knowledgeable and courteous call center agents are available 8:30 am to 8:00 pm EST weekdays to provide toll free customer service to your borrowers and their agents.
  • Toll Free Fax lines for agents and customers are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
  • Webpage insurance reporting link available for borrowers to report policy information. Reported policy information will be verified by Southeastern Underwriters Staff.
  • Customizable letter schedules are available to maximize the notification effectiveness and to minimize false notifications.
  • Standard as well as secure FTP servers are available for information transfer between you and SUI.
  • Competitive Pricing for all products and services and customizable features to meet your specific needs and objectives.