Insurance Management Services

Electronic Data Interchange Policy Service

Southeastern Underwriters, Inc. is actively partnering with auto insurers to convert paper lien holder notices to EDI transmissions. Client lenders can largely reduce or eliminate expenses associated with handling insurance mail, without sacrificing access to a policy database.

Consumer Loan And Lease Insurance Tracking

Southeastern Underwriters, Inc. has been managing this assignment on client lender’s portfolios for twenty years. Employing a flexible personal computing network Southeastern Underwriters, Inc. can tailor confirmation and notification approaches to each lender’s needs. Tracking can range from fully-outsourced to an inhouse system operated by lender employees. Unique features deliver policy confirmation success currently exceeding 98% of managed portfolios.

Consumer Vehicle Insurance Solutions

Custom designed collateral protection and blanket policies are available to insulate a lenders auto portfolio. A solution may engage Southeastern Underwriters, Inc. EDI policy data service and AIMS Insuratrak tracking system, or employ blanket policies, possibly in conjunction with a prudent self insurance layered approach. All collateral protection administration is consistent with NAIC Model Act guidelines.
Sub-prime lenders even find special front-end marketed physical damage policies very useful in enhancing their dealer competitiveness. Only A rated insurers are selected and total administration is conducted by Southeastern Underwriters, Inc.

Mortgage Loan Insurance Solutions

Southeastern Underwriters, Inc. can design tailored tracking services and insurance products to optimize protection, compliance and efficiency. Dual interest mortgage fire and Flood/Wind coverage available meets investor and federal requirements. Borrower reminder notifications can be tracking system generated in-house, or outsourced to Southeastern Underwriters, Inc. for issuance.
Southeastern Underwriters, Inc. can alternatively deliver blanket mortgage portfolio solutions. Designed for both first and second mortgage portfolios, blanket policies deliver single-interest portfolio protection without continious insurance expiration tracking requirements.

Flood/Wind Insurance Compliance Solutions

Southeastern Underwriters, Inc. serves almost four hundred lenders/servicers with Flood/Wind determination and policy issuance services. Partnered with ServiceLink National Flood, LLC and both NFIP and forced-placed insurers, Southeastern Underwriters, Inc. delivers quality value-priced compliance solutions.