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SUI has been helping lenders reduce losses from uninsured collateral since 1978.

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Since 1978, Southeastern Underwriters, Inc. [SUI] has been assisting hundreds of lenders of all types and sizes mitigate and manage their collateralized loan portfolio related insurance risks. Whether your organization is large or small with real estate or vehicular loan portfolios, SUI can design a risk reduction program to meet your needs and objectives. With decades of experience, some of the most advanced and state of the art technologies in the industry, a broad range of highly competitive programs and products, Southeastern Underwriters, Inc. highly trained personnel can work with you to minimize losses, reduce expenses, and enhance compliance. Using a cafeteria styled approach and a large portfolio of products and services such as our sophisticated real estate and auto insurance tracking systems, web based hazard, flood, and lender placed auto insurance, and a large array of auto and real estate blanket insurance products, a SUI representative will work with you to understand your objectives and desires and then develop a customized solution specifically designed to meet your objectives and needs.

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